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Welcome to my FIRST Blog post!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I'm so excited to introduce you all to Design MODE! This business has been in my brain for years, but it's been a battle and to be honest, something I avoided and told myself I didn't want to do. EVER. AGAIN. I pushed the thought down..WAY DOWN....anytime it would pop into my head I would turn the page....think of something else...anything else!

Cause let's be honest, owning a business is hard, right? Years ago, I lost a business that I loved more than most things in my life. To lose that company was the hardest thing I EVER had to go through, so for the past four years since that business has been gone I have told myself I will NEVER own a business again. I convinced myself that I was fine and would never put myself through that pain ever again...the thought is much to scary and painful.

Well what an idiot I am to doubt myself, right? I want to make things beautiful for people and create amazing spaces for them to enjoy and create memories. With all this free time to think, and soul search, and realize my fears....I realized it was just THAT. It was a FEAR. I am fearful of failing, of building something so amazing again, and losing it all. I'm terrified of working so insanely hard and neglecting the rest of my life and my balance. But failure is NOT AN OPTION. I will work hard, I will do it right, I will take the years of lessons i've learned and put them into this business and into your designs. Because if we don't do it with Passion...we just shouldn't do it at all. Design is my passion and I never want to stop sharing it with people. It brings joy to others, and our world needs SO much of that right now.

So cheers to this next step and project in my life, cheers to all my friends and family for the support and cheers to all of you....thank you for allowing me the opportunity to design beautiful spaces for you and your loved ones!



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