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I've had a few people reach out and ask about what they should buy from our site for a great gift. My answer is obviously that we have so many great things and I think that gift buying is SO personal, but I thought I would help break down some of my favorites, and who you should buy them for!

1.Tote bag or Purse

What lady doesn't love a cute bag? We have so many styles, from casual options for a day out at the park to a more upscale night on the town kinda bag. My favorites are the Kiara purse and the Arden Tote.

The Kiara has that transitional edge, it's casual with its subtle stripes, but then the combination of leather brings it a little more glam and upscale. This bag can be used at any time of day!

The Arden tote comes in Black and Blush. I love this bag for its slouchy boho shape, but the combination of suede and leather gives it that edgy glam rock vibe that I also adore. The pink is a friendly tone, and the black...well she's perfect for any outfit.

2. The perfect apron for 2020...

I mean it's been the year of chaos...and honestly, the best way to deal with chaos is to just roll with it right? Insert the perfect apron. Get it for anyone that has spent all their quarantine time making sourdough or pumpkin bread.

3. Candle Holders.

Who doesn't like candles? I don't know too many people. But for all those people that love candles, do they have cool candle HOLDERS?? Maybe not...check out all of our candle holders. I personally love the Lima set. Now, these are better for faux LED candles.... but they create the most amazing ambiance and patterns on the wall. They are just so COOL.

Our sand vases are awesome too because they can serve as a bud vase or taper holder. They are the perfect boho-chic element for any dining table.

4.How about some Gratitude? Or Love?

These handpainted mugs are perfect for those people that you want to show some love, gratitude, warmth, or just remind them to take a little moment of calm out of their day. They really are the perfect gift. Pair them with some coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and it's a winner!

5. Kitchen Containers

I've had a few people already purchase some of these floral kitchen containers! The floral pattern will liven up any kitchen counter, or use them in the restroom for storage of cotton balls or q-tips. They are pretty and cheerful, and the perfect size!

Fill them with cookies or your receiver's favorite treats before you gift sweet!


I know I know, maybe a doormat isn't a traditional gift...but they make such cute ones nowadays! Why not?? I love both of these!

7. Throw Blankets. Who doesn't like to be cozy?

I love a throw blanket. I have way too many of them, but I feel like that's not even possible. You can never have too many, right? right? This tribal patterned Turkish throw is of the highest quality and makes an amazing gift.

8. Ok, what about those sweet little people in your life? I think every kid that is losing teeth should have a tooth fairy pillow! Put their little tooth in the pocket for safekeeping, and when they wake up it's filled with cold, hard cash from that tooth fairy magic.

Choose a mermaid or a Llama. You know you wanna!

9.Rocking Llama

If the llama thing works for stinking cute is this little Rocking Llama? I think we all had a rocking horse at some point in our childhood or knew someone that did....there is just something so classic about this toy. Not to mention, SO MUCH FUN! And so fuzzy!!!

10. Design help.

How about giving the gift of design help or decorating services?? We have packages in every price range. Maybe your significant other has wanted to re-decorate the bedroom or needs some help making the Nursery of your dreams. Gift them one of our packages! You can find them here. Send us an e-mail and let us help you create the perfect decorating dream for them!

We offer design packages that are fully hands-on, but we also offer virtual decorating packages. We create and curate the perfect package and shopping list for you for a reasonable design fee, then you get a list of all the items to purchase to create your dream space! We will design for your space, within your budget and all you have to do is click the links and put in your credit card information. We will be with you every step of the way and will guide you through how to set it all up when your items arrive!

I truly hope this gift guide helped you out and inspired you. Use the code BLOGMODE for 10% off any service or item from the shop. Just mention this blog when inquiring about a service. Please share this with your friends and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Design MODE!!



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